Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shoe (and sock!) Shopping 101

It may not be time to make the annual new shoe purchase for you child, but it is important to know what to look for when that time comes.  90% of people are wearing improperly fitting shoes and most foot problems are caused or aggravated by improperly fitting shoes.

Good shoes are especially important to avoid problems in developing feet. Because shoes serve only to protect children's feet from injury, none are needed before a child walks. High-topped infant shoes do not support ankles - oxfords and tennis shoes are equally good.

Check OFTEN to be sure shoes aren't too small. Children's feet are so flexible they can be crammed into shoes two sizes too small - and the child may not complain.

Don't have children wear hand-me-down shoes. They are permanently molded to the original owner's feet.
And remember, kids with a family history of foot problems like bunions and flat feet can benefit from custom foot orthotics as young as 18 months old to slow down the progression of some inherited foot deformities.

Shoes are definitely important, but don't forget about socks!  Making sure your child's socks are the right size and shape is just as important as getting the right shoe.

Here are some sock buying tips from the trenches:
- A sock with a poly/cotton blend is the best for everyday wear. Sweat wicking blends like Coolmaxx or Dry-weave are best for running. If you have a chronic fungal infection or itchy feet, you may like socks impregnated with silver or copper to decrease the fungus and bacteria collecting in between your toes.
- It really is all about fit. Socks should fit like a glove. No loose fabric or bunching up around the toes and especially no contracting or curling your toes because they are too small! Thin or thick, just make sure they fit and don't make you shoes too tight.
- Diabetics and those with circulation problems or blister problems at the tips of your toes should wear specialty seamless socks. These are available in many types and sizes. For example, the SmoothToe diabetic sock is available through our online product store along with many others.

SmoothToe Socks Feature: • No Irritating Toe Seam. •Keeps Feet Cool and Dry. •Secure Fit. •Unique Hourglass Construction. •Heel to Toe Comfort Sole.
- All socks should be tried on with the appropriate shoes. Don't try on your running socks with dress shoes...that's a recipe for buying the wrong socks!
- When in doubt, visit Step Alive Shoes, our therapeutic shoe store. We have lots of socks and can help you with your choices for everyday and running.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pregnancy and Your Feet

Becoming a mother is one of the most exciting things that can happen to a woman.  There is so much joy and excitement surrounding pregnancy, don't let foot pain get in the way.  Pregnancy can cause everything from swollen feet to leg cramps.  This list of symptoms and how to prevent them from the American Podiatric Medical Association may help expecting mothers avoid some discomfort in their feet and legs.

  • Swollen feet, Change in Shoe Size, Color Changes
    • Put your feet up whenever possible
    • Uncross legs and ankles while seated
    • Stretch legs frequently while sitting
    • Wear comfortable shoes
    • Measure feet periodically
  • Overpronation or Flat Feet
    • Wear comfortable footwear that provides a lot of support and shock absorption
    • Avoid High Heels
  • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Warm-up properly before exercising
    • Exercise and stretch daily
      • Try the StretchRite Trainer to Stretch Out Your Calves, Available Through Our Product Store
      • The easy to hold handles will help you stretch, even with your baby bump!
      • See a podiatrist for treatment
      • Don't walk barefoot or wear backless shoes
      • Wear shoes with a strong, supportive arch and firm heel
    • Cramps in the Legs and Feet
      • Walk the Cramp Out
      • Rotate ankles 10 times right, then 10 times left
    If you experience any painful or drastic changes in your feet during or after pregnancy, be sure to see a podiatrist.  Call our office at 419-423-1888 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.  Most importantly, enjoy your newborn!

    *Tips from

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